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Alcohol License

Important Alcohol License Information:

Please review the following information before applying for a Town of Tyrone Alcohol License:


  • Must be at least 21 years of age
  • Must be a citizen of the United States or a permanent resident alien
  • Must be a resident of the State of Georgia as the License Representative.


In conjunction with the Town's process, you must apply with the Georgia Department of Revenue at 

Once the application is complete and all administrative, investigative and permit fees are paid, the application for Alcoholic Beverage License will be advertised in the legal organ once a week for two weeks prior to the week when the application shall be heard by the Town Council.

Town Council Alcohol Public Hearings are held on the first Thursday of each month. The applicant shall place signs upon the location of the proposed business two (2) weeks prior to the week of the hearing. Each sign shall be obtained from the Town and the fee is $25.00 per sign. 

Tax Reporting: 

Taxes are due on or before the 10th of each month. You are responsible for the timely submittal of your excise taxes. Taxes are due from both wholesalers and retailers. Failure to timely submit excise taxes will result in late fees being assessed against remitter. Penalties for noncompliance include fines and possible revocation of license. Reporting must be sent in for all alcoholic beverages purchased from wholesalers.

Renewal of License:

All licenses shall expire on December 31st of the year of issue. The Town Clerk or his/her representative will notify license holder on or before November 1st.


Application Processing & Investigation Fee $350
Alcohol License Public Hearing Signage $25
License Transfer Fee (Business Location) $100
Retail Consuption Dealer (Malt Beverages & Wine) $1,800
Retail Consumption Dealer (Malt Beverages, Wine, & distilled Spirits) $5,000
Retail Consuption Dealer- Private Club (Malt Beverages & wine) $2,300
Commercial Manufacturer (distilled Spirits) $1,200
Commercial Manufacturer (Malt Bev. & Wine) $500
Retail Package Dealer (S.F. > 4,000 for Malt Bev. & Wine) $1,000
Retail Package Dealer (S.F. <4,000 for Malt Bev. & Wine) $400
Wholesale Dealer (Malt Bev. & Wine) $200
Off-Premises License Fee (Malt Bev. & Wine Catering) $1,000
Off-Premises License Fee (Malt Bev., Wine, & Distilled Spirits Catering) $2,000
Special Event Alcohol Permit $50


Alcohol License Application

Background Check Consent Form

Affidavit of Public Benefits

Monthly & Quarterly Forms below:

Monthly Alcohol Sales Report '16

Quarterly Alcohol Sales Report '16