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Failure to Appear

Clearing a Drivers License Suspension

The following information is being provided to assist you in clearing your Failure to Appear suspension or to address a pending suspension.

It is not the responsibility of the Police or Court to advise you when or if your license is suspended as a result of Failure to Appear. If you have a Failure to Appear or did not pay your fine prior to the due date; contact the Department of Driver Services before driving a vehicle.

If you failed to respond to your citation, the Department of Driver Services has been requested to suspend your driver's license pursuant to O.C.G.A. 40-5-56 AND/OR 17-6-11. It is your responsibility to clear your license suspension with the Department of Driver Services.

Paying the fine DOES NOT CLEAR YOUR DRIVER'S LICENSE with the Department of Driver Services. THE POLICE DEPARTMENT OR THE COURT OFFICE CANNOT CLEAR LICENSE SUSPENSIONS. You will need to obtain from the court and submit to the Department of Driver Services, a release form (DPS 912) to clear your license. This form will be given to you upon payment of your fine. Contact the Department of Driver Services for reinstatement information.

Their website is; Phone number : 678-413-8400.