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Environmental Management


The Town of Tyrone is constantly striving to better our sustainability and environmental quality. Our mission is to make a community-wide effort to minimize pollution by promoting the reduction of resource consumption and by controlling the detrimental effects of storm water runoff.

Our Town policies have been developed in accordance with Federal and State regulations. By partnering with citizens, businesses, and other organizations, Tyrone is making great strides in an effort to protect our environment. We encourage our citizens to practice environmentally sustainable lifestyles by offering educational materials about conservation located at Town Hall.

Citizen Stormwater Guide & FAQ's

Sewer Use Rates

Want to Report Suspected Stormwater Pollution?

When it rains, any water that does not soak into the ground carries pollutants from our roads, sidewalks, lawns, and parking lots into our stormwater systems. Our stormwater systems, which can include culverts (pipes), catch basins, ditches, and more, convey this untreated stormwater (including any pollutants it picked up) back into our environment and, eventually, our waterways.

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Most pollutants carried in stormwater (i.e. oil, yard waste, or fertilizer) are considered non-point source (NPS) pollutants. While each individual pollutant source might seem small, they add up once they wash into the same place, our stormwater systems. 

Stormwater pollution can create flooding concerns in our roadways, affect our drinking water quality, and harm local wildlife. 

Please use the linked form to report suspected stormwater pollution sources in the Town limits.


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Quarterly Stormwater News Update

The Town of Tyrone is committed to continuing making great efforts towards becoming a Green Community. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the environment in which you live, please feel free to contact the Environmental Specialist by email or by phone at 770-487-4038 ext. 103.