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Planning & Zoning

The Planning Department coordinates the development of the Comprehensive Plan and LCI, enacts zoning ordinances, maintains a Town GIS program and development database, and solicits public input on projects and plans for the purpose of guiding issues of transportation, infrastructure, public facilities, services, environmental quality, and ensuring a safe , healthy community. The Zoning Ordinance contains information on the different zoning districts in the town and their permitted and conditional uses, as well as requirements for development. Applications for various development actions can be submitted to Town Hall and accessed on the Planning Department's page.

Active Town Plans


Tyrone 2021 Comprehensive Plan

The The Town of Tyrone Comprehensive Plan is the central document used as a guide for the overall development of the town, providing goals and policy objectives for housing, economic development, natural and historic resources, community facilities, utilities, transportation and land use. The main components of the Comp Plan include: public engagement, the Capital Improvement Element, Short Term Work Program, Report of Accomplishments, Multi-use Trail Plan, and the Future Development Map & Strategy. Each of these components come together to provide an actionable plan that prepares and directs the Town forward for the next 5 years. 

2021 Comp Plan
Tyrone 2022 Comp Plan (pdf)


Envision Tyrone, Town Center Plan - A Livable Centers Initiative (LCI)

The Town of Tyrone received a $200,000 grant from the Atlanta Regional Commission to perform an LCI (Livable Centers Initiative) study for the Town Center (Downtown) district of Tyrone. A much loved and central district of the Town, downtown Tyrone houses all government services such as police, administration, library, recreation, and the post office; it also includes four parks and dozens of small businesses including some of the most popular restaurants in town. As such, the LCI focuses on leveraging these incredible assets in order to design a more walkable, livable, and amenity-rich center for the heart of Tyrone! 

LCI (pdf)
Envision Tyrone Town Center Plan - An LCI study (pdf)

Special Studies, Partnerships, and Assessments 

 2018 Community Development Assistance Program (CDAP) Zoning Audit

The Town of Tyrone was awarded the Atlanta Regional Commission's (ARC) Community Development Assistance Program (CDAP) in 2018 with the goal of assessing the Town's Zoning Ordinance. Much focus had been placed on the Town Center district in the 2017 Comprehensive Plan, but zoning provisions for that area did not reflect the goals of citizens. This assessment assisted the Town in auditing its zoning ordinance for changes to assist in catalyzing downtown goals. 



 2017 UGA Strategic Visioning Exercise - Design Considerations

In 2017 the Town of Tyrone was awarded the University of Georgia's Renaissance Strategic Visioning Program (RSVP) to assist in visualizing potential for the Town Center District. With the help of UGA Landscape Architecture Graduate Students, the Town was able to visualize property potential, suitable plant palettes, and, ideas to help visualize a more pedestrian-friendly classic small-town downtown environment for the Town. 

UGA Strategic Vision PDF

Fayette County Master Transportation Plan Path Guidelines


These guidelines are intended to set forth a standard for multi-use path construction across the County that focuses on renewed pedestrian safety and comfortability.

 2017 Highway 74 Gateway Coalition

The SR-74 Gateway coalition was formed via a partnership of all municipalities who have jurisdiction along Georgia Highway 74 right-of-way. This coalition's intentions are to create a coordinated effort to promote access management and quality growth standards along the entirety of SR-74 in each of the jurisdictions it passes through. 

SR-74 Gateway Coalition
SR-74 Corridor Study (pdf)


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