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Resolve a Cable TV Issue

Communications / Cable TV Franchises

Communications / Cable providers in Fayette County & the Town of Tyrone must operate under state franchise agreements as provided in state code O.C.G.A. §36-76-3. Therefore, the State of Georgia assists customers with unresolved complaints and ensures that companies comply with the terms of their franchise agreements. The Town of Tyrone has no direct control over these operations.


If you should have a problem with your communication provider, please give the communication provider's customer service office a reasonable opportunity to correct the problem.


(800) 288-2020


(800) 955-7766


(404) 266-2278

WOW - NuLink

(770) 683-6988

If your provider not been able to rectify the situation within an appropriate amount of time, contact the Georgia Secretary of State's office:

(404) 656-2881

The above information is for cable/video provision only.

Contact Georgia's Public Service Commission at (404) 656-4501 or online  for complaints regarding unresolved issues with your digital telephone service

Contact the Federal Trade Commission for complaints regarding unresolved issues with your High Speed Internet