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Tourist Accommodations

Any person or corporation who wishes to operate a Tourist Accommodation (i.e. AirBnB/VRBO, etc.), which is the rental of a home or room, etc. for a period of 30 days or less within the Town Limits of Tyrone must register with the Town. The steps in this process are as follows:

1. Review the Hotel/Motel Excise Tax Ordinance and the Tourist Accommodation Ordinance.

2. Obtain an Occupational Tax Certificate

3. Obtain a Certificate of Authority to Collect Excise Taxes

4. Apply for a Tourist Accommodation Permit

Completion of this application requires the following :

  • A Criminal Background Check;
  • Documentation of all state and local permits pertaining to the operation of tourist accommodations, including approvals of the Fayette County Health Department and the Fayette County Fire Marshal as to maximum permitted capacity;
  • Approvals by the Town of Tyrone Planning and Zoning Department as to zoning of the premises and as to compliance with all property maintenance and building codes;
  • A copy of the guest occupancy agreement as required by O.C.G.A. § 43-21-3.2; and
  • Copies of State and local occupation taxes, excise taxes, and sales taxes.